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Size Matters

How many cupcakes do you need?

  • A Jumbo cupcake is 2x times bigger than a regular size cupcake.

  • A regular size cupcake is the equivalent of a slice of cake.

  • A mini cupcake is bite size and people will eat two-three minis.


Pick Flavors

Check out our Cupcake Gallery & Menu

If you love a flavor that is not offered on your event day, we can bake them for you with a minimum order. 


Our minimum order: 1 dozen regular cupcakes or 1 dozen minis.

*We are not a nut free bakery, but we do separate our Gluten Free, coconut and all nut flavors from the rest


Place Order

Call us at (714) 840-8200 

Please give us time to prepare and place your order for all of our delicious standard flavors at least 2 days in advance!

For all CUSTOM cupcake (regular size or mini size), cake-pop and cake orders, at least a 5 day notice is required.

To place a CAKE order, please email the baker directly:


Just a couple of important things to remember

 For all custom cupcake, cake and cake pop orders, a 5 day notice is required

Please give us at least a 2 day notice for any changes to existing orders

Please be prepared to pay for your order once it is placed to finalize it

The cancellation of orders will be refunded in in-store credit only

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